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Get 20% of any referred monthly or annual subscription for the MadazMoney chatroom service. The money is deposited into your referral account right away and you get paid out every month.

Drag our slider to find out how much you will make based on how many referrals you bring in:

your monthly residual income
your yearly residual income

Residual income? That's right! So if say you refer someone and they sign up in December, and their subscription renews in January... get paid for both December and January.. and so on for every month they renew. You don't have to do anything further than the initial referral!

It only takes 2
minutes to start

It only takes 2 minutes to start
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Affiliate Disclosure: I know what you're thinking. Madaz, ya sneaky bastard, trying to sneak in some affiliate links. Any compensation I may receive from this will pay for big macs on days where the market isn't feeling so charitable.

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