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Moderator Profile: Micah

Micah Yo (The Fibonacci Whiz Kid)

Primary Focus: Short-Bias on Small Cap Stocks Using Fibonacci and Mathematically-based Charting Systems and Technical Analysis

Micah got his first taste of the markets at age 20 when being invited to a traders meet up in his native city of Chicago by a friend. Originally wanting to study medicine and pursue a career in the medical field, he soon became obsessed with the idea of participating in the markets. From a young age Micah thrived academically and mathematics came very easy to him.

His passion for numbers, puzzles, and problem solving seemed to be a match made in heaven when it came to the technical side of market analysis.

Eager to get started, he downloaded the mobile trading app called thinkorswim, funded a small account, and started buying penny stocks. A few weeks later, he had an unrealized gain of over $10,000, in what now he knows was total luck. “I bought in the middle of a penny stock promotion,” he recalls,  “I had no idea what I was doing, and it showed.”

The next week, the stock dumped and all of those unrealized profits vanished and turned into a realized net loss of $5,000. That was a real eye-opener for him and he’s glad it happened.

From that moment on I became totally infatuated with figuring out how to capitalize on future trades as I now saw the potential first hand.

7 years later many know Micah as the technical analysis nut. Studying everything from Volume Profile to Elliot Wave Principle, Harmonics and of course his favorite approach; Fibonacci.

“Price action is king, and always will be. You can have any theory you like about a stock or a market, but we don’t jump until price gives us that confirmation.”

Studying upwards of 4 hours a day, Micah tracks every movement of price in his excel journals for the stocks moving that day, in an effort to further his edge. “I know enough to know that we are never done learning. Studying and tracking has been key for all of my discoveries. When all else fails, the data will be there to show us what went right or wrong”.

Known and for his kindness and his inspiring tweets, Micah has recently crossed 10,000 followers on twitter and is followed by some of the most respected traders in the community.

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