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Moderator Profile: Anthony

Anthony Joseph (AllDayA AKA The All Day Raging Bull)

Primary Focus: Long-Bias on Mid-Large Cap Stocks Using Technical Analysis

A New Jersey native growing up 30 minutes away from New York City’s Financial District, Anthony also known as All Day A, was always exposed to the life of Wall Street.

The obsession with getting involved into the stock market occurred when his grandfather would always tell him to get involved into the stock market when he was only in the fifth grade. But Anthony didn’t get his first taste in the stock market until his junior year in college where he and a friend went to a proprietary trading firm to learn and begin the career in trading.

Soon after graduating college with a BA in economics, Anthony quit his job and took on the full time day trading risks (not recommended). The introduction wasn’t so easy, the OTC market was in full swing and creating bag holders left and right, as Anthony soon realized these companies weren’t anything but shells he knew he had to sit back and learn how to really trade using technical analysis and understanding real fundamentals.

Fast forward 5 years later and he’s still here trading with a 6 figure account with a reputation of being a great, disciplined, technical trader who is mostly long biased and will not take unnecessary risks that can jeopardize his account.

In his free time, Anthony is constantly studying patterns and new trends in the market as trends are always changing. He goes to the gym everyday and loves to push his limits physically as well as mentally.

“Always be uncomfortable” is one of his favorite sayings.

…Also known for cursing and yelling “Let’s Get It” through out his office in New Jersey.


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